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American Racing Black AR-23 custom wheels.  This wheel is a one-piece satin black with clearcoat aluminum wheel. It is direct bolt with conical seat lug holes for use with acorn style lugs.


Part# Size Bolt Pattern Offset Backspace Center Cap#
AR235761B 15x7 5/4.75 -6mm 3 3/4" 1327000SB
AR235765B 15x7 5/4.5 -6mm 3 3/4" 1327000SB
AR235861B 15x8 5/4.75 -19mm 3 3/4" 1327000SB
AR235865B 15x8 5/4.5 -19mm 3 3/4" 1327000SB
AR235885B 15x8 5/5.5 -19mm 3 3/4" 1425002SB
AR235165B 15x10 5/4.5 -44mm 3 3/4" 1327000SB
AR235185B 15x10 5/5.5 -4mm 3 3/4" 1425002SB
AR236782B 16x7 8/6.5 -6mm 3 3/4" 1515002SB
AR236882B 16x8 8/6.5 0mm 4 1/2" 1515002SB
AR236883B 16x8 6/5.5 0mm 4 1/2" 1425002SB
AR236885B 16x8 5/5.5 0mm 4 1/2" 1425002SB

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